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Here's the question.. I have pretty much had to double the volume of my "stored" mp3 files to get them to play a a decent volume with the slider about 1/2 way up. I like to have headroom. Plus there are some music that digitizes pretty low, so that at defult, they need LOTS of boost.

I am most likely going to get a iPod this Xmas and am wondering what other do/don't do regarding default or a boosted volume in the tags.

More technically, exactly what does that "vooulme boost" really do.. instruct the software to boost it.. is it linear like a mechanical device? Where is the pont of distortion? i.e. will boosting the volume in software result in a sooner onset of distortion or using the "volume" controol in iTnes?
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The iPod does keep track of iTunes' individual volume settings for each song.

You want to keep most of your tracks at half way ("none") on the volume slider, and here's why:

First of all, the iPod volume is plently loud to blow your ears out. Much louder than the PowerBook's headphone port.

Secondly, adjusting the iTunes volume slider does not increase the maximum possible volume. It simply moves the position of the maximum volume point.

For instance, if you set the volume slider at +100%, iTunes and iPod will max out the volume at half way on the volume control (50%+100% of 50%=100%). If you increase the volume control past that half way mark, nothing happens. There is no further increase in volume. If you set the volume slider at +50%, iTunes and iPod will max out the volume at three quarters on the volume control (50%+50% of 50%=75%).
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