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Airport Phone 1.0

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Is the latest Airport upgrade possibly a clue. What if the new product is some sort of cordless telephone that connects to airport either through the Ethernet, if connected over the broadband internet, or, a regular phone call when connected to the regular telephone line. If Apple wants to have a digital hub, starting with the telephone would be a good start.
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they don't have cordless phones where you come from <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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Linksys has a router out now allowing you to connect your corded or cordless phone to the router itself. You can either dial through the regular line or if you are connected to the net, you can use net2phone or dialpad to make calls over the internet. Apple could do this better by incorporating a direct airport base unit and have the calls go through a phone system in iTools. The new iApp could be a phone management program doing for free, what all the phone companies charge you for.
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How about an Apple VoIP phone?
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Voice over IP phones are overrated.
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Maybe Apple can do something about that? Apple brought DVD-burning and movie making to the consumer too!
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