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Chrome shutting down Macbook

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Since I posted this over at Macrumors and they were rude about it, I'll ask here. 

For the longest time now, 8/10 times I go to use Google Chrome, it restarts, my computer-screen goes black, error messages pop up, sign in, boot up, try again. sometimes it will restart 3,4,even 5 times before it stays stable enough to use. Sometimes it will be instantly, other times it will wait a few seconds, and others, it's fine until I touch the Trackpad. It may also shut down if I make certain movements with the trackpad or go to use Preview or iPhoto. This has been going on for sometime and is irritating. This usually after I wake the computer up from sleep, but not always.

I've read (but can't confirm it's a bug within the Chrome software, but have reinstalled it to the same results. I've been considering doing a clean install of Mavericks (I'm still on 10.8.x) but wanted to know if anyone has a less time consuming fix, as for I've read this is a common problem. Thanks!


And yes, I've stopped using chrome for awhile. I've traced the problem down to the above circumstances.

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Do you have a panic.log in Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports? If so, post one of the crash logs. Also, does this only happen with Chrome and no other app and has it always done it with Chrome or just after a particular version?
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Here is the most recent panic.log:



And I've noticed it with chrome involved somehow. If chrome is open, and I got to use Finder,iPhoto,etc. Or make movements with the trackpad, I will crash as well. But these instances are much rarer than just opening chrome. I don't remember on which version it started, but it continues to do so with newer versions. 

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If you download Cinebench at the bottom of the page here:


and run the OpenGL test, does it also crash the machine? What is the model of your machine - year, CPU, GPU?
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