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So here's the situation. One day I read that Starbucks USA was giving Clear for free through their app. Since I'm from Argentina I had to change my App Store country to download the Starbucks app and get Clear for free. Then I forgot to switch back to the Argentina store and I downloaded a few more free apps.


The highlighted ones in the image below.


My question is, how can I get these apps to appear in my Purchased section in the Argentina store? I already tried deleting the from the iPhone and downloading again, I tried deleting them from iTunes, etc. They still appear in my USA store, all with the same Apple ID.


I would like to get them all in my main store, except for Google Play Music which is not available here. Is there any way to do this?



I'm not having any problems syncing them to my device. I have them all installed, and I have them all in my iTunes Apps and they can be updated with no problems.

What I'd like is to have them all in my Purchased section both in iTunes and iPhone. (2 screenshot)


Thanks for your answers, Fede777.