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my new iMac is due to arrive tomorrow and the first thing I want to do is connect it to my Sony 400 CD changer and Minidisc deck.

I have a box of tricks called a <a href="" target="_blank">slink-e</a> that allows me to send and recieve Sony control-A1 signals through a serial port. So I need to buy a USB -&gt; Serial adapter.

But, the only programs to control my slink-e that are currently available are perl and python scripts originally writen for *nix systems. Will these programs be able to access the serial port without modification i.e. are these serial port adapters totally transparent from the command line.

The whole serial port hardware/software support seems a bit half-baked under os x and so I am expecting it to be a hassle. Anyone done this kind of thing before? Can you recommend what adapater I should buy?

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