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Cool feature of new iPod update

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Not only can you store contacts, but you can store notes! I am not sure how long one note can be (I have yet to test it completly), but I was able to type in 15 sentences, and they all appeared fine.

I don't know if you can add in returns or not, like I said I need to do more testing.

This could be great, now I can store text files, (maybe books or something) on my iPod.

Here is the vcard info you use:

n:Note Title;;;;
note:Type the notes in here.
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doesn't look like any returns .. but cool sugestion none-the-less

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iPod update includes:
contact manager
additional asian languages (Simplified and Traditional Chinese -finally!- and Korean!)
on board EQ settings (YAY!)
You can now shuffle albums!
Menu clutter has been cleaned up by moving the about menu item to the settings menu (separated into info and legal sections).
Breakout is still there. It has been moved together with the legal info.
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Suggest the note function could be used to store song lyrics...
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I guess this thread should be moved to the Digital Hub forum...
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Still waiting for this thread to be moved... MODS!!!?

Check this out!!! That was freaking fast work!

<a href="http://atomicmedia.net/podnotes.php" target="_blank">PodNotes</a>

[quote]As of now iPod will only let you store about 1100 characters in a field - enough for notes, but not for a book!<hr></blockquote>

Note: Download link doesn't work. Maybe bandwidth is maxed...
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Finally got a copy and I'm posting a mirror copy here:

<a href="http://members.hknet.com/~tonton/podnotes.sit" target="_blank">http://members.hknet.com/~tonton/podnotes.sit</a>
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