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What's up with iPod only for Windows?

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Have you read the recent ThinkSecret article on Apple's plans to introduce an iPod ONLY for Windows at the past MacWorld Tokyo? What were they thinking!!!??? Of course there's already the iPod for Mac, but think about it, the iPod for Windows would be so successful that it would get more shelfspace that iPod for Mac, and we'd be shafted just like by PC software companies!! This time by Apple. And what's the point of introducing a complete incompatibility, just to better the PC music experience? That's going against Apple's focus on the MACINTOSH. Good thing somebody stood up and said no. They shouldn't even be considering a Windows version if Apple itself is claiming that the iPod is increasing Mac sales by a lot. Hey Apple, that was not what we expect you guys to be doing, which is to make MACINTOSH users feel special!!

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I usually put little credence in think secret and I think that more than a little skepticism is warranted on this story too. There's no way that this even came up. Think Secret is not exactly a 'news' source. Don't believe everything you read there (or other rumor sites).
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What's more liley is... Apple officially pronounced an official support on connecting iPod to Windows PC. Currently, Windows support is only attainable through third party software like xPod.

Personally, I see no benefit of this move (Apple supporting Windows support for iPod) toward Mac users. Sure that Apple might gain extra customers from Windows users, but the number won't be big (perharps an extra 5% ~ 10 increase in sales?).

Note: Remember, there are many MP3 players that are supported by Windows than by Macintosh. Marketing iPod toward Windows users won't guarrante HUGE success.

What I see a benefit toward Mac users and Window users is... Easy data transfering between Macintosh and Windows. The iPod is much more compact than a DVD, and one don't need to burn anything.
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Windows users can use iPod right now with opensource apps. <a href="http://www.ephpod.com/" target="_blank">Ephpod</a> is one, and there are others. I doubt his Steveness would put out a Windows-only procuct. Apple is trying to leverage their products to coax people to change platforms, ala the XServe (unlimited user licenses for OS X Server included).

Ya gotta take everything SpyMac says (remember iWalk?) with a great big grain of salt, say, about a 10 lb. block. After reading the rumor sites for a couple of years, I have realized they fall for any hoax, and are not above making stuff up on a slow news day.

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