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XPocket or iPocket with GSM and more?

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In the Netherlands a Telco named O2 will introduce at the end of the month the xda. It's a pda based on ms pocketpc witch includes a GSM phone via GPRS. (http://www.online.o2.nl/productinfo/xdaactie).

Is Apple capable of introducing such a device based on OS X with Quicktime mp3 (audio), mp4 (video), e-mail, iChat, Inkwell, Bluetooth, and Phone support (with Ericson).
In a local enviorment it should be able to connect (via airport or Firewire) tot sync with iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie.
The device, in my opion, should work as the iPod does, with a Fireware based disk. The display (240x320) could be used as a input device.
Any idea of Apple can do this?
Is XPocket a good name (!) or should it be iPocket?

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Personally, what I think Apple should is just upgrading the iPod's multimedia capability.

Like a time keeping feature. It would be nice to have iPod as a time keeping digital device, telling you what time it is and also to remind you at some certain events.

Then it should also support more sound formats. Supporting the some (or most or even ALL) sound formats that are supported by QuickTime would be nice. Supporting Real Audio sound format and Windows Media Audio sound format would be nicer if it's possible.

Being able to record sound would also be nice. To retain a compact look, perharps the sound output jack can also doubled as a sound input jack? After all, no one would be listening to the iPod when it's recording sound.

To be able to record video from an outside video source and also to display video to a display would also be nice. It can use its Firewire port as both an input and output for A/V data, perharps it can automatically convert DV data into MPEG-2 data and vice versa?

And to input and also display video from a regular A/V component cable, perharps the iPod's sound output jack can acted like the previous iBook jack? Only instead of only sending audio and video files, it can also receive audio and video files.

It being able to support multiple video formats would be nice. Like anything that is supportable by QuickTime. Real Video files and Windows Media Video files would also be nice if it's possible.

It being able to act as a digital pocket for a Firewire digital still camera would be nice. With around 4 ~ 5 GigaBytes of storage, it can contain a lot of pictures.

It being able to connect to a Firewire surround speaker system or a Firewire surround amplifier system would also be nice.

More Firewire interopability features on the iPod would also be nice, to enable it to contact with more other Firewire devices.

As for the xda.

<a href="http://www.mmo2.com/docs/services/xda_details.html" target="_blank">http://www.mmo2.com/docs/services/xda_details.html</a>

As for Apple releasing another PDA.

I don't know. There are a lot of PDAs out there. Apple's PDA got to be unique to gain image recognition.

As for naming.

Considering that in the last few year, Apple (and some others) like to use the i- prefix. iPocket sounds nice. XPocket doesn't souds so good for a consumer device, unless it's aimed toward techno geeks.

But, to match Apple's Digital Hub term, Digital Pocket also sounded nice.

But then again, there's already an Apple Digital Pocket, the iPod.
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I have heard nothing of a device such as this and if Ericsson was involved, I think I should've...
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