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i'm going to try to post again...i first want to let you know i am not a "techy" by any stretch of the imagination...i'm an RN.  i deal with the inner workings of the human body not so much the inhuman ones...also, i do not own ANYTHING APPLE, except their stock purchased in 1981...


with that said, i'm attempting to pick the brains of those who are competent in the areas of micro chips...if apple does in fact introduce a "wearable" capable of everything a laptop...etc is equipped to do, doesn't that mean they will have to use a smaller microchip than they now use for any of their products?  if their "wearable" looks anything like the drawings they've submitted to the patent office, will that device require this smaller chip?


my most important question is who might be the supplier of this chip?  is anyone venturing a guess at this point...maybe i wasn't clear in my last post and was seemingly "blown off" by one of your forum contributors...which wasn't very nice and didn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy...no matter...


i have looked at the drawings and it looks like a flexible bracelet-like item which could be wrapped around the wrist, covered with glass and underneath the inner workings, which i have no idea what those inner workings are, except to say, i'm assuming there would be a microchip included...to me it doesn't look like a "watch".


 i know there are those who take the newest iphones apart after they are introduced and study the inner parts and then know the manufactuers of the individual parts...because this item is not yet out...i am asking you to venture a guess who might be the manufacturer of the chip?

is there anyone who might want to answer my questions....thanks in advance for any replies...

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Originally Posted by pattycakewoz View Post

…doesn’t that mean they will have to use a smaller microchip than they now use for any of their products?


Of course! Depending on the size of the actual product itself, which is why I’m not sold on the “iWatch” idea in the first place; it doesn’t really do much.


my most important question is who might be the supplier of this chip?


This could be the TSMC nonsense that has been thrown around for months, though, again, they’re not known for being able to scale things up. They are, at last count, working in 22nm dies, though.

…was seemingly “blown off" by one of your forum contributors...


Oh, come on. You didn’t say anything like this before! This is great.


i have looked at the drawings


Thing about technology patent drawings is that you can’t go by the designs therein. For example… 

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90

And this one, filed in 2010!

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01


 ...to me it doesn't look like a "watch".


What about this design?


There was something about the production of circular LCDs a few years back…

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Oh, sure. I’ve seen those, and you’ve probably heard the rumor of Apple potentially using AMOLED displays in a product. But all this hinges on a few things.


Apple doesn’t like OLED. They historically haven’t used it, and they’re looking into QD displays now instead.

OLED tends to be the only kind of display that can be flexible (isn’t it?). Without OLED, any product probably can’t be.

Size of chip. You’re right; this would be a much smaller chip with a much smaller battery. Thing is, can such a (volume of) chip be made?


I tend to think the relevant technologies aren’t quite ready to be that small yet and be efficient. We’ll have to see.

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Very similar indeed.

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