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I am playing with my iPod, since the 1.2 update, this weekend. Starting tonight, I am seriously putting my attention on it.

So far, the clock has been my biggest problem (a minor thing really), for it will not stay set in all circumstances.

- My battery life seems normal.

- My sound check seems to be operating normally, but it is a bit harder to judge that one. I can tell a difference, and the sound output sounds the same, now, as my iTunes 3. Before the 1.2 update, I could tell a difference in the sound between playing music through my iPod and playing music from iTunes 3, and it sounds the same to me, now. So I say it seem to be working (sound check...).

All features, beside the clock resetting problem, seem perfectly functional so far, and the sound and battery life seem great.

I'm sorry for everyone else who is having other issues after updating.