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I bought a Sony S360 from Best Buy and was dissapointed that it didn't sync with my Mac out-of-box.

I traded it in for a T615 (it'll run you $275) and I am estatic with this thing. Great color screen, 16MB, Jog dial, vibrate, alarm, charge in cradle and most importantly, it syncs with the Mac like a champ. No "missing link" software required.

The MS slot is handy if you have other Sony products... e.g. digicams.

So I'm really happy with this thing. If you're think about getting a palmos PDA I'd recommend it over Handspring (which seem to be hell-bent on making "communicators" now and seem to be abandoning organizers).

There is a Palm that is 30 bucks cheaper but the quality of the unit isn't as polished as the Sony.