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iPhoto library ?

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Why doesn't iPhoto store it's photo's as the original files like iTunes?

I was wondering...

If the data library that the photos are stored in on iPhoto becomes corrupt, does that mean I lose ALL of the pictures?

Is this a safe method of storing pictures? Or should I just organize them into my own folders and use a 3rd party image viewer?

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Actually, iTunes 3 now handles music the same way iPhoto handles photos. I actually prefer this "duplication" method, but those with smaller hard disks may complain.
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With iTunes, it still duplicates, but I prefer this method because I delete the original file. As long as iTunes is making a readable backup, that's fine.

Is there a better way of handling photos in iPhoto?

I don't want one small file corruption to disable all my photos............
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This has actually been a HUGE problem for many people. I know, it happened to me: on upgrade to 10.2 (and yes, I did it by-the-book), my iPhoto library became corrupted: empty library, and thousands of photos that I could open in any application I liked, but not re-import into iPhoto.

Looking at the dicussion boards at Apple, there are LOADS of pissed off people who have had the same ... and not a peep out of Apple, causing one of those "does anyone at Apple read these boards" tirades.

One with which I heartily concur, having lost some seriously important work. It's one seriously buggy piece of software. Seriously.

I worked out a reason some photos can't be imported if anyone's interested, maybe a different thread.
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All your photos remain intact, just as iTunes stores them. Browse your iPhoto Library in the pictures folder of your home directory. Every file remains separate. They are categorized in different folders by dates and years, which is how iPhoto remembers how to organize them under different views. It's no XML magic, really. iPhoto just reads the directories that the files are stored in, and THAT is how it all works.
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oh! iphoto DOES store the files separately.......

why didn't i see it last time I was checking?

k, nevermind, all is well
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The iPhoto Library leaves a lot to be desired. I'd like to be able to store photos in the albums to keep them organized, but have the files IN the albums, not as a huge block of unrelated material in the library. This looks like a clear case for third-party software to solve.

I'll be updating to Photoshop 7 shortly. Has anyone had a pleasnt time with the organizing (at last!) features in it?
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