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iTunes question

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I have MP3s on an external drive, which is often switched off.

iTunes gets an exclamation mark next to these files--it loses where they are, even when the drive is switched back on. Is there any way to stop that happening, so that when I switch the drive back on, it can find the files again?
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Okay, well, I guess this thread can be deleted! It's working okay now. I swear, though, last time it skipped the exclamation-marked songs even though the drive was attached...

...I don't trust this computer. It's had it in for me ever since I spilled coffee on its mouse.
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You should be more careful with your coffee then. Mice have sensitive skin, that stuff will scald them!

I guess there's no point in this since you seem to have if figured out, but if it does start skipping the exclamation marked files, you can double click on them and iTunes will ask you to locate it. Unfortunatetly, (at least in iTunes 2), it won't notice that other missing files are in the same folder, so you have to locate each one by itself. But honestly, it shouldn't be a problem, as long as I leave the files on the same HD, I can move them about all I want, and iTunes still finds them...

Did you perhaps start iTunes, and then connect the drive?
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