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The best headphones for my Ipod

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Sup ya'll!
just bought a 2 months old 10gb iPod from a friend of mine (who wanted to buy a 20Gb) for $150!!!! as soon as i got it, i called apple to complain about my battery life (only 2-3 hours) so they sent me a box and i shiped the ipod to them and got a Brand new one!!!!!! in 2 days!!!!!!! Lol!!! Now, i really don't like apple's earbuds... they are too big for my ears, so i've been thinking of getting the best possible phones for less than $70. My #1 choice so far is Sony MDR-EX70SL, but I know that I can find the real experts in here, so please post your opinion on what are the best phones out there.
Thank you!

P.S. Is Sony MDR-EX70SL really all that great?
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I've asked around about this too and many people recommended either the Sony studio monitors (MDR-7506) or the Grado SR-60. I picked up a pair of the grados and I've been really happy with them. Music that I've heard 1000's of times sounded new because I heard things that I didn't hear before. They're great. I got them at <a href="http://www.qaudio.com" target="_blank">www.qaudio.com</a> for $65, including shipping.
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How about the Sony Earbuds? Anyone has it ?
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I second the Grados, they really are in a class of there own, especially when considering the price. However one thing to consider is an open vs. closed design. The Grados are open, meaning the people around you will be able to hear what you are listening to (quiet, but audible). Check out headphone.com for reviews.
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I recently asked about this too. I made too many mistakes of buying cheap headphones, so I wanted to get it right.

I heard the Grado SR-60s are the best headphones you can get under $100. Also, I heard the Sennheiser HD-497s are also good but not quite as good (but more comfortable).

Anyway, I decided I wanted something more portable, so I bought some discontinued Koss KSC-35s. They are little clip-on style phones, and although they take a while to get used to, they are very comfortable once you get used to them. The quality is excellent for such small phones. If you want portability, these are probably the best small ones you can get. They are discontinued, however, and they've been replaced with the KSC-50. The sound quality is apparently the same, but the KSC-50s are larger and heavier, and don't stay on your ears as well. My KSC-35s always stay really well stuck to my ears.

Check eBay. Don't pay more than $35 for them.
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I've had the Sony earbuds for 2 years (I'm actually on my second pair - lost the first).

As Tony the Tiger would say, "They're grrreeeeat!!!"

I wouldn't have any others.
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I would agree with tonton here, if size matters, go with one of the various Sony Fontopia earbuds.
I can change my sig again!
I can change my sig again!
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The EX70s are okay, the E888s are better, but you did ask for the best right? Get yourself some Etymotic ER-4's (what I use) or ER-6s, which are more wallet friendly (www.headphone.com)...
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