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small speakers for iBook

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can you suggest some speakers to take with me on the road with my iBook?
the smaller they are, the better: anything really small like a single unit with both left and right built into the same very small unit, or something like that? i dont need *really* great sound, but the internal speakers in the iBook just are not loud enough for use in a car, etc.
remember, small, like 4 inches tall, would be great.
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Uh... how 'bout an iPod?
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i wont buy an iPod for some time yet (I will buy if/when it has (at least) bluetooth added, and, just maybe I will wait until you (yes, you, Mr. Apple Engineer), to make an iPod that features:
All of the tech is already there. What are you waiting for, huh?
THNX for the reply, though. Its great that apple people read these boards.
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Why does a portable MP3 player need Bluetooth? Why does it need cellphone capabilities? And what's that stuff about PDA? <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[No]" />
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I think the online Apple Store sells this travel speaker thing, it's a single unit with a left and right side, and it folds up. Haven't used it, and I don't expect the sound quality to be great, but it's better than the built in speakers.

I suppose you have a good reason for wanting speakers instead of headphones, but you can get small, portable, inexpensive headphones that sound much better than small speakers. But that's your decision.

EDIT: Wait, I read your post more carefully and it looks like you want to listen to music in the car, using your iBook as an MP3 player. If you want to do that, why not just use the car's speakers? If you have a cassette tape deck, you can get an adapter (usually meant for CD players) that plugs into the tape deck and the other end plugs into a headphone jack. You can listen to anything this way - portable CD player, iPod, laptop, anything with a headphone jack.

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thnx for the recommendation.
i went to the apple site. they look to be right size (small).
i will get them!
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