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Live Audio Recording

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Could anyone suggest a way to record live audio digitally?

What I'm looking for is something like the little tape recorders people take to meetings or classrooms. However, this one will be used to record my little girl's blessing at church in a few weeks.

I'd like to record it digitally, and be able to work with it in my Mac. It would be nice to be able to import the audio through USB/FireWire/etc.

What I currently have to work with is an iBook (Late 2001), iMac (Superdrive), Canon Powershot S30, and a Canon ZR40 DV cam. I list the Canon items because they both can record digital audio. I'm looking for something that would hopefully give higher quality audio and be very compact.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! If more information is needed from me, please let me know.

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Only thing I can think of is a MiniDisc recorder with external mike connected, then connect to your iMac via an "iMic" USB audio interface.

It'll record digitally but may not be as good as the audio from a DV cam, so why not just video the proceedings?
Your DV cam will give you 24bit digital sound which is very good quality.
Im not sure whether you intend to video as well as record sound seperately, if so you will have problems with synching the audio with video.
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I'd agree, the video camera is going to be the best option: you can extract the audio in iMovie, or even just import everything, export it to Quicktime and delete the video track.

I have done audio-syncing back to video in iMovie: it's fiddly, but the results are well worth it. It gets easier if the video is one solid take, then you only have to sync it once.

Failing that, the MiniDisc option is also a good one: I've had great results.
Whatever it is, it ain't rocket science
Whatever it is, it ain't rocket science
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