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Some Background:
My father is one of those people who is sort of frightened by his computer (LCD iMac, 10.2.2). Every time something goes wrong, I get a phone call. He also has thousands of slides which he has decided to try to scan into his computer (so he can organize/find them). My mother, sister and I decided to buy him a Nikon CoolScan 4000ED with the batch slide loader for his 75th birthday. I am going to be flying down to LA for his birthday and will have at most a couple hours to set this up and get it working.

The Question:
Should I set him up to scan using VueScan or Nikon Scan X? Opinion on Version Tracker seems to favor VueScan, but people also say that Nikon Scan's interface is friendlier. Also, as far as I can see, VueScan doesn't seem to support the digital ICE feature of the 4000 ED (is this true?). I would just set both of them up but someone on Version Tracker was saying that they were incompatible (is this true?).