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RAM prices

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They are on the rise. This isn't so nice. Anybody have a clue on why?

Bad economy? Our friend the taliban at it again?
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Some of the major RAM manufacturers "independently" decided to raise RAM prices to keep profits high. Hmmmm.... sounds like a damned cartel to me. Hey, wait, don't we have laws against that? Oh, right... we also have antitrust laws too.

DoJ to the rescue again? Don't hold your breath.

'Course, I could be wrong, this is just what I heard from a not-entirely-reliable source.

If you find yourself sided with the majority, it is time to change your thinking.

-Mark Twain
If you find yourself sided with the majority, it is time to change your thinking.

-Mark Twain
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Here's a REUTERS story as reprinted by the South China Morning Post today:

[quote]Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Hynix expected to raise chip prices 30pc

South Korea's Hynix Semiconductor is likely to raise contract chip prices by more than 30 per cent in the second big rise this month, an industry source said on Tuesday.

The world's third-largest memory maker raised contract prices by 30 per cent on average earlier this month to reflect a rebound in spot prices.

"The expected rise will push contract prices of the industry standard 128 megabit DRAM [dynamic random access memory] chips above US$3," the industry source said.

Spot prices for 128 megabit DRAM chips used for computers have almost quadrupled since dipping below US$1 in October.

Chip makers sold computer memory chips for less than what they cost to make last year due to a severe information-technology slump combined with overcapacity, which led major chip makers to seek industry-wide consolidations.

Hynix and Micron Technology of the United States, the world's third- and second-ranked computer memory chip makers, are discussing a possible alliance which could reshape the battered industry.

Hynix, formerly Hyundai Electronics, is considering selling the entire memory business to its US rival, although pricing differences are delaying a deal, which could be worth between US$2 billion and US$6.5 billion.

It aimed to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Micron in January but the Korean chip maker's chief executive hinted over the weekend the process might take longer than expected, depending on how fast it narrows differences with creditors over Micron proposals.

Hynix's chief executive Park Chong-sup told Hynix employees there were further talks and procedures to go through before clinching the agreement.

Shares in Hynix fell 11 per cent to close at 2,820 won on Tuesday versus a 3.4 per cent fall in the benchmark index.

They have advanced 14 per cent in about a month, buoyed by prospects for an alliance and three increases in chip contract prices that have kindled hopes of a rebound for the sector.

Memory chip prices fell nearly 90 per cent last year, but signs of a recovery emerged in December.

Chip analysts said it remained unclear whether the chip price increases reflected rising demand from PC makers or simply a more aggressive pricing strategy by chip makers.\t<hr></blockquote>
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Yes prize will get up for the next month and then it will go down as usual.
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Dammit! Wouldn't you know it?

RAM has been cheap as hell for over a year or so now, then RIGHT when I'm getting a new computer (which happens about once a century), the prices are going up again.

Just great...

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Yep, this timing stinks. Think of how many 256 MB chips Mac users will be buying in the next month or two...

Oh well, I think we all knew it was coming.

I just paid (I'll keep it in US for y'all down South) $62 for a 256 MB chip yesterday for my new iMac. That same chip a month and a half ago was $40. It's going higher too, the guy who sold me that had it put away for me at that price.

Guess I'm going to have to live with 512 MB of RAM in my new baby, can't afford to buy a 512!
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Bought on december 16. 2001 from OWC:

512 Pismo
512 Slot loading iMac
256 iceBook

Total $199

Today that would have been $284

BUT exacly one year before my last purchase I bought 256 Pismo and 64 rev a iMac for..... $182 :eek: . So the prices are still very low. Today that would cost a mere $72.

All prices excluding shipment.
"I reject your reality and substitute it with my own" - President Bush
"I reject your reality and substitute it with my own" - President Bush
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