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Logitech's 'case+' modular iPhone case system lets users swap out add-ons

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Logitech on Thursday unveiled the "case+," a new modular case system for Apple's iPhone 5 and 5s that uses magnets to swap between variety of interchangeable accessories including power, car mount, kickstand and wallet modules.

Logitech's case+ (left) and +energy attachment.

With the case+ system, Logitech is looking to bring together a few standalone products made by other third-party case vendors into a cohesive and integrated collection.

As seen above, the case+ acts as the system's base element and incorporates an exposed metal back plate that serves dual roles as added protection and a magnetic mounting point for the accessory add-ons.

In all, Logitech is bundling four attachments in its case+ collection, the first being an external 2,300 mAh battery called the +energy. As seen above, the battery pack simply snaps onto the back of case+ and delivers power via a U-shaped Lightning connector. A fuel gauge is incorporated into the rear shell and looks sport a Micro-USB port for recharging.

The +tilt almost looks like a miniature Apple Smart Cover save for a large cutout to accommodate the iPhone's camera and flash. Offered in two different cover materials, the +tilt features a magnetic mounting system that attaches a connected iPhone to nearly any metal surface. Users can also transform the cover into a kickstand for video viewing or wrap their headphone cable around the phone, locking them in place by folding over one of the tri-panels.

For an in-car mounting solution, the +drive is more of a standalone product than an attachment. With a twist-to-lock suction cup base that can latch onto a windshield or dashboard, the car mount features an articulated head onto which an iPhone with case+ can be attached. A universal adapter is also included for use with a second smartphone.

From left: Logitech's +tilt, +drive and +wallet accessories.

Finally, the +wallet lets users carry credit cards, keys and cash on the back of their phone. Logitech claims the unit's "Magnashield" technology will block the case+ from demagnetizing cards with magnetic strips.

Logitech's case+ collection includes all "+" accessories and is slated to go on sale in the U.S. later this month for $200.
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I wonder if the same kind of people who have $200 to thrown down on a modular case might be the same kind who are ready to upgrade to an iPhone 6 (almost certainly a different shape) the day it becomes available.
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I see Logitech has not lost the ugly touch!
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Just what I always wanted, extra cases to go on top of my case.




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My modular system consists of a discounted $8 case that offers milspec side & back protection with a metal plate added with 3M adhesive (plates included with earth magnet & 3M was pennies respectively), metal plates attached with 3M adhesive to a small picture frame ($1.00 at thrift shop), and an old leather card case $3.00), and a large 1"x1" rare earth magnet (Scosche MacWorld blowout @$10) 3Med to my car dash. I got a 5 pack of large, flat, thin, rare earth magnets of which I have used about 3 to attach to the items for another buck.
total cost = $7 $1 $3 $10 $1 = ~$22
The time it took to gather and attach all of this was about 2.5 hours. So, unless I charged over $71.20/hr, I would say I got a cheaper, more flexible and overall nicer system months before this was announced.
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For me, Logitech=once bitten, twice shy. Quality not included.

iPad a Dream.
iPad a Dream.
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