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Three weeks ago, MacMail started sending emails through my ISP Comcast - intermittently.  A few days ago, it stopped sending emails completely.  I get an error message from the Comcast server: Not Our Customer.  However, I can go online and access my Comcast email account using the same username and password.


I spent three hours on Saturday with three different Comcast technicians and another 1 1/2 hours today with another internet 'specialist'.  Every item they have checked in Mail Preferences, incoming and outgoing,  has checked out perfectly.   Mac Mail Connection Doctor gives a green light to ' POP Connection to server succeeded.'  and to ' SMTP Connection and Login to server succeeded. 


Still get an error message from Comcast: Not Our Customer.  


Comcast has given up and said Apple would have to fix the problem.  I know what's going to happen from past experience in similar situations - Apple is going to look at my Comcast account and the detail in Mail Connection Doctor.  Apple will say it's Comcast's problem, not Apple's. While Comcast says it's Apples problem, not Comcast's.  And I'm caught in the middle with no way to send out or forward email directly from Mac Mail.  I've had to log in to Comcast manually to send email. 


BTW, I still get incoming mail from Comcast into MacMail. 


Has anyone encountered this situation? If so, where you able to resolve it? How?


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. 

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