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I'm trying to make a decision as to what configuration of MacBook Pro 13" to buy. I definitely will not be getting the base model with 4 GB RAM and 128 SSD. The mid-range option is a little better with larger SSD of 256GB and 8GB RAM but I could still use a bigger SSD than it offers. The High-end model features 2.6GHz i5 with 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD.


Here's where I am torn:


-Do I upgrade the mid-range 13" model RAM to 16GB and/or the processor to 2.8GHz i7 and leave the SSD size alone or also upgrade the SSD to 512GB.


-Do I get the highest 13" model and upgrade only the RAM to 16GB and leave the SSD and processor alone or also upgrade the processor to 2.8GHz i7.


I really don't need 1TB SSD especially at the ridiculously high price of $500 extra, that's one thing I know for sure.


I will mostly be using the laptop for browsing the web, listening to music from iTunes or some other app, watching 1080p content, viewing images, light word processing, occasional trans-coding of audio files. I will definitely NOT be using this laptop for hardcore gaming, just the occasional web/flash based games which I assume should be no problem regardless of which configured system I buy. There will be no rendering of video/audio/images in the near future although I may create my own YouTube channel sometime and produce simple videos.


I'm not big on multitasking. If I'm doing one particular thing, there will be no other processes running (except web browsing where I may be listening to music at the same time). I would consider myself an average user but someone who wants the best of everything, even if it won't be put to good use. I have a windows machine with specs that are off the charts. My windows 7 experience index is maxed out in all categories at 7.9 but I don't really use the full potential of the machine.


Can someone please help me out? Which configuration of MacBook Pro with Retina Display would suit my needs and habits? Money is not really an issue but I don't want to be spending money on things I don't need. I know that I don't NEED a MacBook for what I want to use it for but I just can't find a decent, native Microsoft laptop. Also, I would much rather not deal with windows 8 and so have decided on OS X Mavericks.