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Gravity Engine built via Apple's Future Hardware... if MIT had this Future Apple Hardware a few years ago no Drones would have been built...


Apple's Future Satellites in low orbit for Cell Towers and Wifi...


ITunes with no songs, just MIT + Yale Med School Lectures brainstorming 1,001 invention projects...


I posted the Xeon MacBook Air and Pro in the wrong post... few days ago. I just learned about threads... sorry.


Well MacBook Air + Pro with the 12 Core Xeon is light years from Intel Sales agenda..


Discovery of Gravity would help sell Intel on reducing the cost of the Xeon.


Apple InventSomething University + Medical School is not Future Apple Hardware unless you count the new building... grin.


Cancer Cure... would be something I could talk Apple into, different Rx. one like

fluoride and this came out when I was 16 and I have dentures... one that works better than the fluoride, put it in the H2O for a Cancer Cure. No One is Brain Storming this!! Future Apple iTunes Hardware for Brain Storming this a a few million would be today.


Google Glasses vs Apple Glasses on the iPhone7s that can see dissect the sun rise and sun set to let you crunch it all for a invention from the goings on inside the sun. Would advance inventingsomething! And this is Future Apple Hardware.




5-28-14 Greg in Key West