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I wonder if someone might be willing to offer me a little advice, even though this is along the lines of the frequent, no doubt annoying, 'buy now or wait' type questions!


I am making the jump from PC to Mac. The IOS8/Yosemite better cross-device syncing, Cloud drive etc is what has persuaded me this is the right time (I use my iPad air a lot on the move and am a long-standing iphone user). I currently have an i7 dual core 2.7GHZ sony vaio z with 512 GB SSD, 8GB ram. I use it on the move and, when at home/office, with dual 27 inch monitors (which run at 1920 x 1080). I am not a 'pro' user, however (a) I value a great screen resolution and, provided it is discernably better, am happy to pay a premier for it (b) I'm (newly) a 'hobby' photographer and videographer (mainly family photos and vids).


I'm about to start a pretty big video project, editing lots of footage from my kids' past couple of years. As I'm intending on moving over to Mac, and want to get reasonably deep into the video side of things, I figure it makes sense for me to do this on Final Cut Pro X and take this opportunity to learn it (rather than use Premier, learn it, only to move to Final Cut Pro which I gather is better optimised for the newer, better macs). I realise may pros prefer the Adobe products but, not being a pro, I quite like the idea of sticking to the more 'made for mac' product suites (i.e. I plan on using Aperture for photography as well).


This leaves me wanting to get a Mac right away. However, ideally I'd like to wait to see what the c. October (or later depending on the extent of the Broadwell delay) hardware launch brings. My ideal eventual set-up is probably a desktop along with as light as possible laptop as my iPad air, whilst great, doesn't replace completely my need for a laptop (I realise some/all of these products might not end up existing!):


Relatively 'base' mac pro plus retina mac air or

Relatively 'high end' Retina imac plus retina mac air or

15" Macbook pro


As some of the above don't exist my options, assuming I want some form of Mac right away for my video project, are:


(a) Buy a macbook pro now - it's a little heavy for my ideal on the go laptop and maybe not the ultimate machine for my video editing but would be a good all-round solution; quite a like for like with my current Vaio Z. Query though what the next update will be bring in terms of lighter, faster etc? I also think, ideally, I'd prefer a desktop/lighter laptop combo.


(b) Buy a Mac pro now - my use won't need it, although I'm willing to pay for such speed increases as this will give me over other options for my video work. I also want the best possible display and this will future proof that possibility once Apple sort out the HiDPI issues that seem to be present at the moment. I'm aware for my other consumer uses, where the program is either poorly or not multi-threaded (as well as compressing/rendering using quicksync) this option might actually be slower in some cases than an iMac or new model Mac mini, if we see one, might be.


(c) Buy a highest spec Mac mini now as a temporary machine - then wait and see what comes along in terms of a (i) Mac Pro update that addresses some of the single core/CPU performance issues, (ii) a retina Imac and (iii) a new Macbook Pro; decide then what to buy and sell my Mac mini on.


Particular questions I have in mind - will a 2014 Mac Pro update be likely to significantly improve it's (slight) single core/CPU/lack of hardware acceleration issues? Do these discussed issues even matter outside benchmark testing? If, for all intents and purposes, most work on the mac pro feels instant and the next update isn't likely to be significant, then I'd consider just going straight for this. I don't mind spending the kind of money involved provided it feels outrageously fast in all it does and I don't end up feeling that I could have got something faster for a significant % of my useage at a lower cost?


If I wait to see what Apple do next re: their Mac line up, will the Mac mini cope well enough with Final Cut Pro X if I buy that as a temporary solution or will it be a bit frustrating?


Any thoughts readers have would be greatly appreciated,