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I find this testimonial hilarious:



 It behaves like a real Mac application.


Is it a fake Mac application that the User is surprised that it behaves like a real Mac application?

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+1 Moneydance 

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I don't understand corporate Quicken's mentality. If the feature set of Essentials wasn't up to par and the majority of your users would rather stay with Quicken 2007 for MAC, why would you just keep polishing up Essentials when we've been begging for a complete re-write that would be on par with PC versions but at the minimum be at least as good as the 2007 version. 


Budgeting and online banking is a biggie.

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When Quicken Essentials came out, I tried it and demanded my money back. Why pay for a shiny "new" version of way less than you have now? And now, with the latest version of Quicken, they have again reduced the number of features from good ol' Quicken 2007. The lack of 12-month budget and loan amortization are deal-killers for me. I'll wait until they provide a full-featured version before I waste my money on an "update."

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Originally Posted by longterm View Post

What did you switch to? This latest experience has left me wanting to be done with Intuit and their terrible support.
Been using YNAB for about a year. Without questions light years ahead of Quicken. Simple and intuitive. It just works. Plus they offer great tutorials and excellent customer support.
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iBank all the way. It works great and has very responsive customer support.
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I was using Quicken 2006 (powerpc) which stopped working when I upgraded to Mavericks.


Would anyone recommend using Quicken 2007 for Lion (Intel) when upgrading to Yosemite?  I need only  basic record keeping and downloading from my bank. If not, what would you recommend?


Would I be able to transfer my Q-2006 file to Q- 2007? Or transfer from Q- 2006 to an alternate?



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After trying to use Quicken for Windows on my Mac with Crossover (successful, but slow, and frequent crashes) I switched to Moneydance and have been using it since May 2014.

It works fairly well, but is a bit confusing as it uses double entry book keeping and difficult to get the accounts to reconcile. 

I think that Quicken probably must do the same thing, but hides the corresponding accounts from us and calls them categories.

I tried ibank and Mint, but do not like having my data in the cloud. Plus I couldn't get the detailed reports I needed.

I still really miss the old Quicken with Bill Pay. It kept everything up to date and I could get whatever reports I needed. Today I needed to go back to review some transactions from 2010 and 2012 and it was a breeze to find exactly what I needed and print it out. Of course the Crossover/Quicken arrangement did crash and I needed to reboot before I could do anything else.

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This was my Previous Post:


Originally Posted by macologist View Post

How can I Convert my Quicken 2004 Data on 10.4.11 Power PC Mac into this Quicken 2015 which will be running under Mavericks 10.9.4 on MacBook, if Intuit's Quicken 2015 for Mac only Supports Conversion on as far back as 2007 for Mac  and Newer according to their Support http://j.mp/1wdXA3g  

If this can't be done, what are jay other options as far as competing products? Intuit's Support is Text Chat only, no phone, and to me that is TORTURE!!!!

Thanks in advance for your help!

So after a TORTURE of a Chat with Intuit's Support, I did exactly what they told me: 


I upgraded my Macbook from Lion to Mavericks, 10.9.4, so that I could install Quicken 2007 for Mac. I was told that it would not Install without me Upgrading my Macbook to 10.9.4! 


The Install didn't work

So I had to install it on Clone of my 10.4.11 Power PC Mac.  

Then 2007 Quicken Imported a Copy of my Quicken 2004 Data OK. 

I'll copy that 2007 Quicken Data back to my Macbook, 10.9.4, and then I'll try to see if this Quicken 2015 for Mac will Import it OK. If it does, I'll probably stay with it, but... 

After a TORTURE Text Chat with Intuit, and seeing all this complaints about Quicken for Mac, I wonder if something like iBank is worth looking into? The Security Concern raised by this Post definitely caught my attention

Originally Posted by John.B View Post

Are Moneydance and iBank still Java based?  Java is a security blackhole and I refuse to have it on any of my Macs.

I'd love to know more about that! 

My Workflow-Needs have been simple: 


Download QIF

Import QIF into Quicken 

Use Quicken Reports 


Can I do the same with Quicken 2015 for Mac? With iBank? 


Will my Memorized Transactions and Categories Names be preserved during the Conversion from Quicken 2004 to Quicken 2015 for Mac, or after Converting to iBank? 


Given the TORTURE of Text Chats with Quicken Support, I suspect that it would be even more painful to get a Refund from them: 


Returning Electronically Delivered Products



I know nothing about iBank! http://www.iggsoftware.com/ibank/  

I don't how that Java Security Concern, Originally Posted by John.B, assuming it's valid, relates to my Workflow-Needs: 


Download QIF

Import QIF into Quicken 

Use Quicken Reports  


The Other Scary Prospects are:  

The TORTURE of Text Chats is becoming "NORM" POLICY for more Vendors! So, even if I switch to iBank, or any other such product, such "Real Time" Communications as Text Chats  are an UNREAL PAIN to me! Thus, with all the complaints I've ever heard about AppleCare, at least one can speak to Humans there!   


Recently, I've seen QIFs missing some Transactions. The problem was with the bank, which showed those transactions online and in statements. But some of those transactions got dropped from QIF Downloads!  


The bank tried to blame my Old Quicken, but I was able to prove to them that Quicken had nothing to do with that. This was m Proof: 


I tried to Re-Download those Missing Transactions only, and the Error said that there were No Activity on those Dates! Funny, because they Display that Activity Online, and it's listed in the PDF Statements! 


The Bank also said that QIF is on the way out, because Intuit is phasing it out, and Banks have to do what Intuit tells them... 

Thanks in advance for any help, as far my Conversion from Quicken 2004 Mac to Quicken 2015 for Mac! 

Also, this Forum is great! Easy to use! Bravo! 


Edited by macologist - 8/30/14 at 9:51pm

Go  Apple!!!


Go  Apple!!!

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I agree with the statement Gustav said "More of the same BS from Quicken. For years Mac users have been asking for feature parity and file format compatibility and Intuit has ignored them. They're not getting my money."


I did purchase Quicken 15 and as soon as I downloaded one of my bank accounts, I knew it was over for me. I wrote a note to Quicken requesting my refund and told them to please don't bother making statements of how great the MAC version is, unless it parallels the PC version. In my opinion the new MAC version is a piece of crap. Quicken, you will never get MAC users to use any of your products if all you do is keep giving MAC users a inferior product. It doesn't work that way. Those who are saying that the MAC version is better than anything else for MAC out there are just giving Quicken more fuel to keep producing the kinds of MAC products they are. Tell it like it really is, MAC users, or you only can blame yourselves when they keep pumping out the garbage.

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For this long time user the absence of bill pay from within the application is a kill factor. I have been researching alternatives to Quicken for almost a year, waiting for the promised upgrade to Quicken 2007. Since the bill pay function was omitted in this upgrade, I will be moving to another application to start fresh with 2015. Too bad. I really like Quicken.
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