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I know it's catchy to say "Disney ruins everything"- but I still haven't seen any examples where they've ruined anything.  All I get are superman, back to the future and indiana jones references- none of which were done by Disney.

I can see where they've greatly improved things- particularly with Marvel- the only other live-action "franchise" they've purchased.


I don't think Disney ruins everything because I really don't care much for Disney. It may be blasphemy, but I couldn't care less about anything from Pixar, so I don't have any complaints about Disney there.


As for Star Wars, George himself whored it out for a billion toys and licenced stuff, including the extended universe, which I never ever got into. But the movies, the original trilogy, are still amazing.

Even though there was a great deal of disappointment with the prequels (and I personally felt they got progressively worse and felt Revenge of the Sith was the absolute low-point, young "Annie" not withstanding), the movies at least had been spaced out enough.


Disney releasing a new Star Wars movie every year is going to burn out guys like me and franchise fatigue is likely to set in.

And going by what I saw in Star Trek: Into Darkness, I am not too thrilled with J.J. directing the movie. It may end up being a pretty movie without balls.


All Disney stuff also seems overpriced generally. I mean, Marvel TPBs are always more expensive than DC TBPs, at least here, but with Disney taking over Marvel, even the movies are priced such that I have to think twice. For example, Avengers Blu-ray seems to be stuck at $35 and just doesn't seem to come down.


And now there are so many apps being released for Star Wars - some straight up purchases and some with that horrible 'freemium' model.


So, like I said, they are whoring Star Wars out to get back the $4B they gave George.