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Macbook Pro won't log in

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I have a macbook pro that is late 2011. Recently I was having problems with silverlight plug in and had to reinstall it because it was crashing and wouldn't load netflix. So I did that and it made my computer so slow I shut it down to see if that would help and I could just try doing everything again. So I try and start up my laptop and it won't do anything, try again, still nothing. I left it alone and tried again later and it freezes on the apple logo with the spinning wheel below it so I leave it alone for probably two hours and go back to it, one last effort I restarted it and eventually the log in came up. I typed in my password and the color wheel comes up and after a couple of minutes the screen turns white and goes back to the log in screen again. It does this everytime and I don't know what to do...I don't have anything really backed up or a way to back it up so I would like to avoid clearing it if possible. I have not tried anything yet except restarting it, any suggestions?
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These machines have had problems with the graphics cards in them failing but that normally shows glitches on the display.

If you hold the alt-key while booting up, you should see a recovery partition. If you boot from that, it will let you run Disk Utility to check the drive for any problems.

You can also boot up holding the shift-key to get to safe mode, which will let you backup data if it's not the drive failing.
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