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How about Classifieds?

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Just curious. Don't know the legal issues.

I just don't like eBay. Call me wierd....
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There would be no legal problems so long as AI posted that everything is the users own risk, and that they don't support / endorse / warrent the products. It would pretty much just be people who knew each other trusting each other. But no llegal issues.
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We've discussed this before and all it takes is one person getting burned one time for there to be a big problem.

I think if you want to sell something to another board member, it's fine, but do it via email or PMs and not involve AI in any other way. I think a forum for such sales is overkill.
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I agree. On the surface, it seems like a cool idea (I actually brought it up a year or two ago), but I could see it degenerate into a big, out-of-control thing.

Ideally, everyone here would be cool/mature enough to post something (either looking to sell or buy) and only legit, interested parties would respond and they could work out the details.

But too many troublemakers, pot-stirrers and riff-raff here at AI, and they'd just mess it up.

We've all got each other's e-mail or PM info.

If a member is looking to buy or sell something, maybe he can post a quick note in General Discussion or somewhere, then the interested parties can communicate privately via e-mail or whatever.

Probably the safest, most low-key and hassle-free way to do it.
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I have a better idea, how about personals.

PowerMac with SuperDrive
Free to test
$9.99 to buy


Old Mac
Not sure if still in working order
Pay for at your own risk
Taking Best Offer
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