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UBB error.

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Sorry, UBB has encountered an unexpected, fatal error. This error is extremely abnormal.
Please contact the board administration. The error text is:
Expected to write out 77364 bytes, but file on disk is only !]
Here is the backtrace:
Backtrace: ubb_lib_filehandle.cgi:178 -> sub UBB::FileHandle::tracer
Backtrace: ubb_lib_filehandler.cgi:132 -> sub UBB::FileHandle::close
Backtrace: ubb_lib_files.cgi:411 -> sub UBB::FileHandler::close
Backtrace: ubb_lib_files.cgi:65 -> sub main::WriteHashToFile
Backtrace: ubb_lib_posting.cgi:145 -> sub main::UpdateForumTopics
Backtrace: ubb_new_reply.cgi:471 -> sub main::update_forum_summary
Backtrace: ultimatebb.cgi:696 -> sub main::submit_new_reply

ยป Please use your browser's back button to return.


If that means anything to anyone. <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

[ 02-01-2003: Message edited by: torifile ]</p>
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It means that UBB sucks and we wish we could drop it but we can't so we have to live with it or just stop coming here and like start going somewhere else or whatever.

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What murbot said.
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