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Originally posted by peve
the problems i get to fix all day long have the following causes:

#1 user (doing things they shouldn't)
#2 applications (gone bad or not working properly (mostly because of #1))
#3 ram
#4 operating system (gone bad (mostly because of #1))
#5 mac just f**ked up (apple service tech: "i don't know! change the logic board!")

85% software
15% hardware

and when customers come to me it's allways: "the hardware! i think it's the main board or something".

sorry. but i had a terrible day!

Trust me, I've made mistakes with other computers, but when you buy a new computer and have to do a dozen different "fixes" on it, reformat twice, etc, its highly disappointing. I have installed a miinimum of freeware/shareware. I have installed legit (not pirated) graphics programs on my computer. I don't mess around with parts of the computer I don't understand. I fail to see how this could be "my fault". This computer has been iffy since day one. I have a friend that is a Mac tech and he has been evaluating the info I've been giving him. He seems to think its a bad drive. We'll find out soon enough.
New Powerbook!!! 1.25 ghz of... something!
New Powerbook!!! 1.25 ghz of... something!