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Just a question about the Attachment function vs. IMG tag...

if it matters for diagnostics, running Safari .73 on 10.2.6

Perhaps only the admins and mods can attach (under current privileges),
but it seems that most attachments appear inline as images (even for PNG), at least in Safari,
yet if i click to view attachment, i see exactly the same image.
anti-climactic deja vu.

Maybe such functionality only matters for non-image attached files, and vB can support image types (ergo image attachments are redundant based on content type in these cases), but i'm trying to understand why some mods/admins use attach for an image instead of IMG?

presence of the paper clip icon next to threads makes me curious, but when i discover it's just an inline image, i'm left scratching head.

Hardware (firewall) / Software (permissions) / User (obscure browser support) or what?
Parallel implementation of wider feature set (testing)?
Why not just stick with the IMG tag (and save attachment for non-image files)?

enlightenment welcomed.
"I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them" -Isaac Asimov
"I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them" -Isaac Asimov
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Yes, only administrators may attach images.

Attached images are not displayed inline by default. The administrator that posts the image has to write his post with the img tag to embed it for you to see inline.

As you have noticed, the paperclip is used to denote threads which contain attachments.

vBulletin can be configured so that anyone can attach files, but we have set the control panel so that only administrators are allowed to do so. This is because our server would not be able to withstand the strain of ALL users posting images on the forums. We have neither the disk space nor the bandwidth to accommodate this.

Now, if someone chose to start throwing buckets of cash at us, we might be able to do otherwise.
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