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Video Card Advice

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Hello everyone.

I have a 400 Mhz AGP G4 Tower that I am thinking of upgrading with a Powerlogix card......maybe to 1.2 GHz for about $400.

I think the computer has a 16 MB Video Card in it (stock from Apple - can't remember exactly what it is, RAGE128 Pro maybe?). I was thinking that maybe I should dump a little more money into it and upgrade the video card as well.

Any advice on what card I should get? Do I have to worry with compatability issues?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

-Dr. Bimane
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owc has a few options for you. my suggestion would be to get the nvidia gforce 4mx card. for $65.00 it's a great price. i'm not sure you'd see much benefit out of any of the faster cards to warrant the jump in price.
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Even the G4/400 benefit from a better card than the ATI 128.
And the 4mx fare well with a 1 GHz CPU
The ATI 8500 pulls away at 1280x1024 but below that the 4mx is a very good card. Paired with a 1.2 GHz G4 you are in for ride8)
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