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For anyone who has a DVD-ram camera (Hitachi or panasonic) like me and a G4, the wait seems to be nearly over. The press release at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> says that the update for DVDram Tuneup 5 will be out on 10 December (changed from the 21 november origianlly posted). It is of course a bummer that the PC world has had similar support from a year ago thorught Ulead and Power DVD.

This means that you will be able to put the DVd-ram discs into your DVdram player on the G4 (I have a dual 500 DVDram) and convert the .vro files to QT! Check out the press release for the details.

Now this has decided my Xmas present to myself.... the panasonic set top DVD/R/RAM recorder DMR-HS1 which can record DVD-r, DVD-RAM, and has a 40G hard disk and give progressive out. The DVD-ram recordings are the same format (.VRO) as my Hitachi DVD-ram camera. Record T/cable/Sat and then put the DVD-RAM disc in the G$ then import/edit/use at will.

i love my G4 867/superdrive, but the DVD-ram option is so much more flexible for these type of things.

anyway, for the small minority of DVD-ram users check ou the softarch site.... about the best DVD-ram support for the mac.