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ok- i want to add 2 more usb ports to my b&w g3 400, i dont want prices on usb hubs; i tried that and they dont work for me... i lose keyboard power up, usb cd/rw drops burns, printer only works 1/2 the time... Sonnet Tech sells a 2 port usb external 2 port (powered) firewire external 1 port firewire internal for $100. While this seems like a fair price I dont want/need/use the firewire ports on my mac now- so 100 is a bit steep for a 2 port usb pci card- i just dropped one in an old pc, but can pc usb cards work on a mac with no xtra drivers? is there a usb pci card specifically for a mac? maybe one with 4 usb ports and no firewire?