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I ran Ran the fractal code demostrater, which measures gigaflops last night on my 6100 with 225 sonnet upgrade card. I got a wopping 8.7 megaflops of performance, so I hauled out trusty old Speedometer and deiscovered my card was performing at less than 10 % of the capacity it was when it was new, in some areas.( But much better in others) So being apractical kinda guy I thought " the card buggered I'll throw it out" but then I thought , "hey, check for new drivers" And low and behold, there are new drivers. MY performance in fractal is up to 112 magaflops, way more than a 10 time improvement. If you haven't updated your machine to the 1.4.7 driver and you are running system 9.1, do it now.