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Ok, I have a TiBook 500 w1024MB RAM and OS 10.1.1

I have a Western Digital 30GB Firewire Hard Drive that I stored most of my files for the newsletter publishing on.

It always worked fine before, but when I unplugged it and took it home (it was working fine, I quit everything that used it and such, it didn't give me any errors on unplugging it like it would if it was in use) it now isn't recognized. The CompUSA guy warned me that it wasn't designed for mobile use, but all I did was carry it to the car and then into my room. It wasn't like I dropped it or anything.

Upon bootup, or plugging it in, it's not recognized. The external CD-RW I have on the other side of the FW port is (see below)

Powerbook--Hard Drive--CR-RW

The CD drive works fine, but the disk isn't detected. Apple System Profiler gives no notice that it exists at all.

Any ideas? Any command line tricks I can do to manually probe the FW bus? The power lights are on, I don't know of any other non-OS tricks.

Maybe do something in OS 9?