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Help with La Cie CD burner  

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Hello everyone.

I am running Panther and I have an external SCSI La Cie CD burner (I have a SCSI PCI card)......

....can I use this burner in OSX? I have not been able to get it to work. It works fine if I boot into OS 9....but no luck in X....any ideas?

Is it just not supported?


-Dr. Bimane
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Read the announcement in Mac OS X and/or the posting guidelines.

11. Posting requests or information about obtaining pirated or illegally-distributed software is prohibited. Any and all such posts may be removed without warning. If the offending member continues with such posts, he or she is subject to immediate suspension from the forums for any amount of time the administrators or moderators deem necessary. Furthermore, asking for technical support for pirated software is also not allowed and will be treated in the same manner as posts that directly ask for pirated software.

Emphasis mine. Panther isn't officially out; so, it's treated as pirated software since people who legally have access to it are under NDA and have direct access to Apple for support issues.

First offense gets a slap on the wrist. Second offense is a little harsher.
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