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Current CRT iMacs

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Has anyone else checked out the CRT iMacs apple continues to sell? They are priced at 799 and 999.

$799: Indigo

$999: Graphite/Snow

all g3s, all rage ultra, usb, firewire, etc.

does anyone else find it odd that they scrapped the 700 model, and there is no combo drive offered?
Scrapping the 700 was obviously to keep people form mixing it up with the new 700mhz imac, but why no combo drive?

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Because they want people to buy the new iMacs. Also, they never had combo drives before so why should they now?
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[quote] but why no combo drive?<hr></blockquote>

I don't know why you'd expect them to add features to a discontinued product...

(assuming it is discontinued... I wonder if they will still make some of these cheap iMacs? Probably a more attractively priced Mac now for the Edu market...)
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I don't think apple is discontinuing this product. I certainly hope not. I'm sure they won't hype it much anymore (if at all). But in this age of economic downturns i don't think it is a good idea for apple's so called "consumer" desktop to cost $1300. I think it is great that apple kept the old CRTs. I hope they're not discontinued any time soon. Until an LCD imac can be brought down to a lower price point the old iMacs are needed. Also, i'm sure apple gets those CRT iMacs for a dirt cheap.

I didn't realize they didn't have a combo drive before (my mistake).
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You know, I actually considered grabbing a 600 MHz Graphite iMac for $1549 CDN.... damn, that's a good price. I could probably get it for under $1500 at my dealer here in town...
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