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This seemed like a sure-thing, right?

Jobs usually debuts the new television commercials with new hardware (Cube, PowerBook, iPod, etc.). They showed the usual 10 minutes "feel good" video with Ive gesturing wildly and Schiller giving his stock, canned commentary, along with Seal, Annie Leibovitz and Coppola, etc.

But no standalone broadcast TV spot?

How weird!

That new iMac is BEGGING for a cool TV commercial!

Again (don't get me started...), HOW are the "regular joe" (non-Mac geek) crowd going to even KNOW about this iMac?

My mom and sister and all their friends and so forth have no idea what happened today.

If they don't see a commercial for it on TV, they won't know it exists because they're not the kind of people who follow this stuff as rabidly as all of us do. As a matter of fact, I'm betting most average "consumers" don't know what happened today in Frisco, and I'd even venture to say that someone, somewhere actually plopped down $1299 or so on an Indigo or Snow CRT iMac today!


Apple? Commercial? SOME sort of marketing blitz behind this? Or are you just going to rely on word-of-mouth and instore evangelizing and water carrying by us, the faithful?