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I thought about putting this in the OS X forum, but it touches on the OS, as well as hardware and tonight's Panther festivities, so I deemed it "general discussion".

Sue me. I'll try not to bump it, if I can help it...

Called Atlanta. They've got "tons" of 15" SuperDrive PowerBooks in stock. They are, of course, not pre-loaded with Panther. But they probably will be in very short order, right?

I asked the guy how they're going about this. He told me they would take $19.95 off the price, give you a voucher to mail in to get the Panther "upgrade" CD (anyone think it'll arrive in less than 6-8 weeks?)

If I understand this correctly: you can get your gear tonight but if you want Panther tonight, you pay $129 for something that will be pre-loaded in a couple of weeks (maybe sooner?).

I'm not bitching/whining as much as simply seeking confirmation that this is the case. You kinda get dinged for buying hardware tonight (let's assume that they'll have some discounts to make it enticing...they did last year).

I don't need/want a business lecture or scolding from on high (mod or otherwise) ain't that kinda thread. I'm just not putting the pieces together properly, I think.

I simply think if you buy hardware tonight (any Mac) you either get a bit of a break on the $129 boxed Panther (which is, let's face it, the only reason we're all going tonight and the whole reason October 24 even exists ) OR they, at the VERY least, have the Panther upgrade CDs there in the stores and simply give them out (in lieu of doing the whole "send in voucher, wait a while" process).

Am I understand this correctly? The only way to get BOTH new hardware AND Panther tonight is paying full.

Again, not bitching...just curious/confused. Hard to figure out. Perhaps they'll be giving out those $20 upgrade CDs upon purchasing new gear? I'd be totally happy with that. Just not nuts about a) paying full price for Panther if I'm dropping $2599 OR b) waiting God-knows-how-long to get a $20 upgrade CD when I could/should get one tonight (in a sane world).

Hell, don't knock the $19.95 off. I'll happily pay an extra $19.95 to get the Panther upgrade TONIGHT (not wait for the mail) or even buy the boxed Panther for, say, $69 or so.

Is this the "hit" you kinda take in a situation like this? Guess I'll be forking out an extra $129 tonight because I'd really like Panther on my new Mac ASAP...