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Is amazingly low! First time ever that I can recall a decently priced machine, Let me do run through for you.

This is in australian $. The new iMac is so overpriced here, oh well.

Also note: "Gamedude" is a 'low cost, build it yourself' kind of place. it is a direct reflection on the "build it yourself for half the price" thing. So we have a direct comparison with that market.

iMac 800mhz (superdrive model).

iMac: AU$4200
Dell (note: 1.6ghz P4): AU$5400 (!!!!!!!!!!)
Gamedude (note: P4 1.6ghz): AU$4000

iMac 700mhz Combo

iMac: AU$3500
Dell (note: 1.4ghz P4): AU$4200
Gamedude (note: P4 1.4ghz): $3900

iMac 700mhz CDRW

iMac: AU $3000
Dell: (1.4ghz p4): AU$3100
Gamedude: (1.4ghz P4): AU$3500

Pretty nice huh? Always cheaper than a dell comp, which is their direct competition. And suprising close to a build it yourself job

This shows:
Superdrive model - top value! Awesome infact
Combo model - v. good value
CDRW - good value, still cheaper than a similar dell!

The PC's were configured as follows. They were not bare bones, they were equally features (ie they had firewire, twin OS's (98 & XP for 9 and X)):

Motherboard, CPU, fan, RAM, HDD, GF2MX, 56k modem, SB Live (the cheapo one, forgot its name), genericish speakers, 15" LCD (dell: dell LCD, gamedude: mitsubishi LCD), average case, 10/100 ethernet, firewire, Win98, WinXP.

The dell included setting up fee's, gamedude didn't. This reflects the difference: dell setups for you, gamedude is strickly build it yourself etc.

I'd consider this a fair comparison, component wise anyhow. This does NOT take into account the fact that the iMac has many asthetic advantages, (worth a bit for me anyhow). It's looks far suprass the PC, far. It doesn't have the expandability though. Perhaps the biggest extra the imac has, is iDVD, iTunes, iMovie and now iPhoto. I'd say you could bundle them all and sell them for AU$400 (US$200... DVD authoring is RARE, prices are highish). Warenty too (dell: 1 year, gamdude: 1yr parts)

Rant on

The imac IS good value!