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iBook clean install

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I'm looking to do a clean install for Panther this weekend and I was wondering if someone could step me through the process to make sure I get everything back. I've done a format on my windows machine before I made the switch. I have all the stuff that came with my computer: the 4 iBook software restore discs, iBook applications disc, and os9 disc, plus the panther install discs. Also I found these steps online for doing a really clean install on a powerbook, what would I have to do to my iBook to completely start over.

"If you are having hardware issues with your PowerBook and want to really start over, try this method (as suggested by Apple tech support) of doing a really clean install.
Back up all your data

Shut down system

Remove power and the battery

Remove keyboard and reset PMU -- there is a small button in the top right hand side under the keyboard in an oval shaped hole. Push the button.

Plug power in

Reboot into Open Firmware (hold down Command-Option-O-F when you turn on your machine)

In Open Firmwarre, type reset-nvram (you should get an OK in response)

In Open Firmware, type in reset-all (your machine should reboot, have your Jaguar DVD/CD ready)

Insert Jaguar DVD/CD and hold down the 'C' key to boot from the DVD/CD

Do a fresh install of OS X, and choose to 'Erase Disk'

Update to 10.2.3 (I used the Combo installer)"
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Don't everybody try to respond at the same time you must be overloading the server.
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