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iMacs and compatibility

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As I mentioned in another post, I'm a long time wintel user about to buy into the new iMac. One of the reasons is the farcical compatibilty issues I have.

For instance, I bought a USB scanner 6 months ago, and I had to buy one that opened sideways instead of the more usual lengthways, which basically meant I had to buy the Visioneer Onetouch 8100.

Anyway, the Onetouch buttons and screen menu rarely worked properly, and after a fortnight or so totally gave up the ghost. Using the parallel port instead of the USB meant it worked fine, but now had to share with the printer so now I couldn't do direct scans to printer.

The reason? Visioneer drivers were/are incompatible with certain Asus motherboards using USB!!

So, my question is this, and be honest!! Will I get the same sort of irrational compatibility issues when I switch? Will I have to scan forums such as this when I come to buy printers, camera and scanners that claim mac comptibility?



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Every new USB printer from a good company like HP or Epson work fine and recently there has been a whole slew of new drivers for OS X. Apple supports every major brand of digital camera and you can find out more about that at <a href="http://www.apple.com/iphoto/compatibility/" target="_blank">iPhoto-Device Compatibility</a> iPhoto is Apple's digital camera software. Scanners aren't doing as well as printers or cameras in OS X at the moment, but all the major brands will work in OS 9 or through Classic. Hope this helps.

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