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iMovie: Can't hear audio

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In imovie I cannot hear audio, but when i play the .mov file the audio works perfectly. Did i mistakenly push some sort of mute button in iMovie? Thanks
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ya i tihnk you did hit a wonrg button... on the far right side of the timeline (make sure youre in that view mode) there are checkboxes by each of the tracks of audio... i bet the one with your audio (or the top one) is turned off.
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I had the same issue and luck enough to figure it out. Drag the audio file you want to the entire iMovie area - the entire iMovie area will turn purple.  You can then move/push the beginning of the purple area along the iMovie to the section you want that audio to play.  The rest of that audio section will move along.  Good luck!

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Hi ~

Can you tell me exactly how you solved the issue with the missing audio while it is importing into iMovie 11? I am importing some video from my old Sony camcorder (from Hi8 tapes) and tested a few clips that were imported. Each time I imported them I could hear them as they were imported. Then suddenly I could not hear the video anymore.


Not sure exactly what I did different. I did purchase a splitter adapter from my one audio RCA jack into to audio jacks. But I believe the audio worked a short after I set that up anyways. The only other thing I could think of doing was going into system preferences while it was in the progress of importing so I can set the screen saver to "never" so it wouldn't go to sleep in the middle of importing. I am not sure if either of those things caused the audio to no play during import. However, I can hear the audio after I imported it during playback.

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