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Wireless mice

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Hey i've been wondering about getting a logitech wireless mouse but I've got some questions.

How well will it work with my iBook 600 with osx? Do I need to plug in anything to the usb port as some sort of reciever? What about the batteries? How long do they last? Is the mouse too heavy? Do you lose the mouse? : <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" /> : What do you recommend?
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I've got the Mouseman Optical Cordless and it works great. All you need to plug in is the reciever. The mouse isn't really havey at all. Batteries usually last less than 2 months but this time they're been working for over 3 months now so I don't know.
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How big is the reciever and what does it look like?
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It really isn't that big (some people say it is, but it's not). It's blue and it's like the shape of a half of egg (the only I could think of to describe it) but not round on the bottom.
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I have the same mouse as EmAn and i love it. Its not too big or heavy, i've only changed the batteries once so far and they lasted about two and a half months.

I love this mouse and now that i have a scroll wheel i don't know what i did without it. Its smooth and works great with OS X.

It was a welcome change from my hockey puck.
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