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A few days ago I thought I'd finally Upgrade to OS X on my G4/400 sawtooth tower. I first installed OS X 1.0.3 and then upgraded to OS X 1.1 and then upgraded to OS X 1.1.3 and upgraded to OS X 1.1.4. All the upgrading went just fine. But wait now OS X is running, where is my iPod? I had foolishly left my iPod plugged into my G4 while upgrading, and now my iPod wouldn't mount to the desktop. So I restarted in OS 9.2.2, still nothing, reset the iPod, nothing, forced Firewire on the iPod, nothing. The screen just shows the Apple logo and says "iPod" that's it. It doesn't do anything else. AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!! I've had my iPod since christmas, so it's no longer covered by Apple. But I think that it was the OS X Install that killed my iPod. I've called Apple, and they said that for $250 they could send me a refurbised iPod. So I'd have a 5GB iPod that cost $650? No thanks. I think this blows. So don't upgrade to X with your iPod connected!