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Photoshop Help....Me Suck

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Hello Everyone. I have a question about blending two images. Basically, I want to insert a picture over another. However, the picture I want on top always has that annoying white canvas. I just want the image to show. I just can't seem to get rid of the white canvas - you know, that white rectangular box. Can anyone post a step-by-step means of blending the two pictures. Your help would be awesome. Thanks.
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depending on which version you've got... try these
"I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them" -Isaac Asimov
"I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them" -Isaac Asimov
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use as background a transparent instead of white background?

copy paste what you want into a new doc then with background set as 'transparent'
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Adjust the two layer's opacity in the layer palate.

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You can use the background eraser tool (opt. click the eraser tool and select the BG eraser) and erase what you want, then copy it to the other picture
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By the time we are done skinning this cat, she'll be nothing but bones!

Cheesy quick and easy method:
Select top layer with unwanted white
In layer style or options
Blend if GRAY this layer:
Drag bar from 255 to 254.

ALL white turns transparent.

Command is available in all versions of PS, but in various ways to access.

Cheesy, because jaggies occur at anti-aliased (blurred/soft) edges, and the inner 255 pixels drop out as well.

Me, I usually use select outer white area with anti-aliased at 0% contiguous and hit auto mask. Touch up on mask layer in channels as need be. (Don't cha love silo'ing wispy hair?)

In either case, the original image remains unaltered.
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