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The AppleInsider Staff are proud to announce a new sub-forum to Insider Lounge - PoliticalOutsider.

All political discussion topics should be created within this sub-forum, any new political topics created elsewhere will be moved by an Administrator or Moderator.

A few points to note:

1. PoliticalOutsider will be moderated by all members of AppleInsider Staff.

2. Any and all signs of unruly behavior will not be tolerated and members who disobey the rules will receive a three day temporary ban or "cooling-off period" from PoliticalOutsider.

3. PoliticalOutsider will employ a strict "three strikes" rule - any member who receives a third warning will be permanently banned from the sub-forum. Continued rule breaking may result in a complete ban from AppleInsider at the discretion of the AppleInsider Staff.

4. All aspects of the Posting Guidelines should be followed and will continue to be enforced both within PoliticalOutsider and elsewhere.

If you have any questions or concerns please post them in the Suggestions forum or feel free to contact any of the staff directly.