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We (the Moderators and Administrators) have noticed a rise in personal attacks over the past few weeks and we are not going to let it slide any more. Many of us were taking vacations at various points over the last month and things have gone downhill in this forum.

From the posting guidelines:

Ad-hominem attacks of forum members will not be tolerated. We understand that things get heated, but it helps to maintain a modicum of respect for the membership. Attack ideas, not people. Be open-minded and try to help foster meaningful discussion. Yes, meaningful discussion is possible if everyone respects each other.

If we find a member making something we consider a personal attack in a post, we will issue warnings and bans (depending on the number of warnings, how severe the post is, etc.) from the PoliticalOutsider subforum. Please use the "Report Post to a Moderator" button at the bottom of a post if you feel someone has stepped over the line. This also seems like a good opportunity to remind people that 3 bans in PoliticalOutsider leads to an automatic permanent ban from this subforum.

We realize that the topics posted here can become very heated and that both sides of the political spectrum can feel emotionally tied to the issues being discussed. That being said, we really need people to stop mindlessly bashing each other. Calling someone an 'idiot' or worse does not help the conversations or debates.

On a side note (and this is coming from me and not the other moderators and admins): Please think about what you plan to prove or do with your post before you post something. What point do you plan on making? What are you trying to accomplish? It seems VERY apparent to me that people in this forum have made their decision on who they are going to vote for in November. Do you really think that your post is going to sway votes? Also think if the post you are making is meant for an actual discussion or is it yet another post to prove how hypocritical one side is or to bait that other side to prove a different point?

Many of the topics posted here over the last few weeks have very little real discussion and most are the same arguments rehashed over and over and over. Attacks on other poster's character are made frequently and debate on the issues continues to decline.

Attacks in this forum will NOT be tolerated. So while we do realize that things get heated, RESIST the urge to make a personal attack. It will make the forum a better place to visit and maybe we'll have some lively discussions for a change.