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It looks like it will be more of the same from GWB in foreign policy if elected to a 2nd term. Nothing but incompetency and ideology:

George Bushs national security team was absent in NYC, and might not make it to a second term either

...a wide array of present and former officials interviewed agreed that the president would likely use an election victory to remake his national security team more in his own image, jettisoning those deemed insufficiently loyal or overly devoted to their own ideological agendas.

Insiders suggest that several moves are afoot, including a further distancing of the administration from the "neo-conservative" theories that proved somewhat overly optimistic in their assessment of the Middle Easts preparation for democracy.

...Dan Goure, a well-connected former Reagan administration defense official now with the Lexington Institute, sees a desire to choose people who are going to be unswervingly loyal.

Sounds of Silence on Foreign Policy

...Indeed, instead of retooling in light of the mistakes of Iraq, the Administration shows signs of digging in and holding fast to a unilateral, preemptive course of action. If Bush is reelected, Colin Powell will probably leave the State Dept. and won't be replaced by another moderate within the Cabinet. National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, who has consistently sided with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, is the favorite candidate to replace Powell.

So both Powell and Armitage will be gone to be replaced by a team headed by Condi Rice or John Negroponte, or possibly Democrat Sam Nunn if the Dems take the Senate. Josh Bolton, who essentially was the incompetent dealing with North Korea, could be the Deputy. Everyone knows how bad Rice and Negroponte are. Sam Nunn would be an idiot to take a job where he would be without posession of his cojones.

Rumsfeld is old and battered and could be replaced by John Warner, John Lehman or darkhorse Paul Wolfowitz, the current Deputy Secretary of Defense. Does this mean Doug "stupidest guy on the face of the Earth" Feith will move to the Dep position if Wolfowitz moves up? If it is Wolfowitz and Feith, I better build my bunker and start stocking it up.

Ridge will leave the Dept of Homeland Securty and be replaced by Steve Hadley, one Rice's deputies at the NSC and Mr "I am responsible for those 16 words in the 2003 SOTU address." Lehman or Chris Cox could replace Rice as the chairperson of the NSC.

It seems the principal requirement for any job position close to GWB is "unswerving loyalty". With that requirement, it doesn't matter how competent a person is anymore - all policies will go through Karl Rove - as the gutless Powell has learned, and I can't see any of the competent people listed could take the positions for long. It looks like many of the incompetents who pushed us into the disaster that is Iraq will be rewarded higher positions due to their loyalty. Wonderful.

I guess the one good thing is that it looks like they are seriously thinking about extricating themselves from Iraq, and I think they think it is a political liability, not that it is the right thing to do. I don't even trust them to do that right, and I'm beginning to think pulling out of Iraq is the right thing to do. Then again, it could be a really bad thing because that means they have 150k troops freely at their disposal.

Come on Kerry. Hammer Bush on this. Hammer him on in every single speech. Have all your surrogates hammer GWB on his failed foreign policy, which is a detriment to our actions against militant Islam, day and night on TV, on paper, on computer screens - whenever they are communicating something. Heck, Kerry, you don't have to mention it, just hammer the equally disastrous economic policy, and have your surrogates do it. As long as they do it.