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I have ben trying to troubleshoot my problems from this and other forums but have not ben able to determine a definate answer. So here is my problem.

I am running a DP1.8 G5
ATI 9600
Memmory: (2x) 128MB Samsung (stock)
(2x) 256MB Kingston-Not rated for G5 specifically

Symptoms: Computer runs fine in FCP, Photoshop, After Effects, & other production software. I run into problems when I try to game. Nomatter what game I try, Worms3d, Halo, UT 2004, The games will eventully "unexpectedley quit".

The only thing I can think of is the memmory. I ran the extended hardware test and it showed up fine. Is it possible that it will show up fine & still not work right with the system?

Tried just the 256MB Stock & runs good but I can't run FCP with that little.

Tried it with just the 512MB of kingston and It would crash a lot more often.

It works ok with both installed.

Think I should get some better memmory?
Thanks in advance.